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Posted by on Apr 23, 2012 in General | 0 comments

Top 9 Reasons to take Cellgevity every day

I saw on my facebook news feed a friend had read a story 9 Reasons why you should have sex everyday. Looking through the 9 points I noticed Cellgevity has all these great benefits too, not that you’d want to give up either one for the other! Here’s how Cellgevity can benefit you for the same 9 points.

Improves cardiovascular health – Increased glutathione improves mitochondrial efficiency and protect the mitochondrial DNA which is important for the heart muscle tissue which have many mitochondria to produce the energy needed to supply our whole body with blood. Also by reducing inflammation this leads to a reduction in atherosclerosis, which is considered an inflammatory disease.

Increases immunity – Increasing glutathione supports the immune system and function of natural killer cells. The Aloe Vera extra in Cellgevity contains glyconutrients which also support immune function and proper intra-cellular signalling.

Reduces stress – Many people report a reduction of stress and an increased feeling of calmness. High levels of glutatione could contribute to this by increasing natural energy, so they body is less reliant on the adrenals, decreasing inflammation, so each individual cell is less stressed, and improving sleep which helps with overall wellbeing.

Relieves pain – High levels of glutathione reduces inflammation which helps reduce aches and pains. Many people who have used Cellgevity have experienced a noticable reduction in pain.

Promotes longevity – Glutathione levels decline by about ten percent or so every decade in heathly adults and is considered one of your most important bio-markers of overall health. People who live to 100 have been shown to have glutathione levels similar to adults who are much younger.

Increases blood circulation – Ok, well I don’t have a really concise good answer for this one off the top of my head, but given all the beneficial systemic effects increased glutathione has, I’m sure it helps with this too!

You sleep better – Increased levels of glutathione has been shown to improve delta wave sleep, which is the deepest and most restorative phase of sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep helps with your overall health.

Improve exercise performance and recovery – Optimal glutathione levels are critical for maximum energy production for peak athletic performance. Also a increased glutathione levels provide a bigger buffer for prolonged exercise as glutathione stores are depleted quickly with intense exercise. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of glutathione help with muscle repair and recover, as does glutatione’s many other roles such as amino acid transport.

Increases levels of DHEA and testosterone – The clinical trials of the first generation product before Cellgevity showed increases in DHEA and IGF-1, which converts to human growth hormone, in the 40% range. An intervie with another doctors who did his own blood tests before and after taking MaxGXL found an increase in testosterone, which is no suprise given the significant increase in DHEA and IGF-1. DHEA is base hormone which the body produces testosterone and estrogens from.

To find out more how you can benefit from Cellgevity check it out here.

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