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Posted by on Sep 16, 2009 in Latest | 0 comments

Dr Nagasawa Patents

I did a little bit of searching to find out more the patents related to glutathione from Dr Nagasawa, the main researcher from the company Cellgevity that Max has aquired.

Patent storm has a list of Dr Nagasawa’s patents at

Two of them are about the glutathione, the first being Compounds that enhance the concentration of glutathione in tissues and the second is Method for elevating glutathione levels.

Dr Nagasawa has international patents for a Sulphydryl protected glutathione prodrug



The Cellgevity aquistion will be great asset to Max, in terms of intellectual property and world class researchers, to leading the way with glutathione nutrition as the critical importance of glutathione to human health becomes more widely known.

Other people found this searching for:

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