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Posted by on Feb 19, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dr Nagasawa’s Cyanide Antidote Closer To Market

I was reading an old article on Dr Nagasawa, Max International’s executive scientist and created of RiboCeine, about the story behind him creating the fast acting cyanide antidote.

Two things stood out as I re-read this article. First was the final two paragraphs;

Nagasawa retired and moved to California in 2004, but his retirement is relative. Now 80 years old [in 2008], he still consults on the project and stays in touch daily with Patterson, who took over the lead role.

“It’s so important to solve this problem,” he says. “My philosophy is that if you have anything to provide to push this problem forward intellectually, then you are morally obligated to get it done.”

What a man Dr Nagasawa is to have such a commitment to creating technology which will only help other people!

Second, I noticed the antidote had the name Sulfanegen. I did a google of that and found some articles posted just the other week saying how the company Vytacera Pharma had been granted an exclusive license to commercialize the antidote that Dr Nagasawa and Steven Patterson had researched and developed. Jon S. Saxe, chair of Vytacera said in a statement “Our goal is to make this important advance available to those in need of it and to enable governments to be better prepared, which, ultimately, may help deter terrorism.”

It’s great to see Dr Nagaswawa’s two crowning achievements as a medicinal chemist both coming to market. Sulfanegen through Vytacera Pharma and RiboCeine through Max International.

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