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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

More Of This Puts A Stop To Infections

You know the feeling when a common infection sets in, the burning sore throat which kills to swallow.  The dripping nose, raw from constantly wiping tissue after tissue.  Flipping between cold chills and burning up.

What cold and flu remedies have you reached for in the past, desperate for a quick fix as the infection makes it way around the cells in your body?

Medical scientists have long known the importance of glutathione to boost the immune system, fight infections from virus and bacteria, and neutralize the free radicals and toxins produced from these infections.

Glutathione enhances the function of key immune cells such as Natural Killer (NK) cells and T cells.

NK cells are a type of while blood cell which make up part of the innate immune system which is your body’s general defence system against pathogens.  They provide a rapid response to cells  infected with viruses and attack tumor cells.  T cells are part of the adaptive immune system which responds to specific invaders.

Low levels of glutathione is correlated with many infections like pulmonary tuberculosis, HIV and many more.

Supporting your glutathione levels, which in turn supports your immune system, is a one of the potent natural ways you can keeps those horrid sick days to a minimum.

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