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IV Glutathione Therapy And A Better Option

IV Glutathione Therapy And A Better Option

When doctors and scientists started disovering the importance and power of glutathione, the problem reamined how to increase glutathione levels inside the cells. Supplementation with N-Acetyl-Cysteine has some benefits but by itself is far from optimal.

Many doctors have used IV glutathione with some great success, particularly for patients with Parkinsons. In some cases the person would become reanimated, coming back to life, but the benifts would soon wear off as IV GSH only works for a short period in the body, requiring regular, and expensive, injections and infusions.

IV GSH has also been used with positive results for Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis, cancer, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease.

IV Glutathione Side Effects

Particularly in some countries IV glutathione is used for skin whitening purposes.  So for some people this can be a positive and even primary effect of the treatment, while for others is can be a side effect.   A potential side effect for someone who has regular injections is irritation at the location on the skin where it is regularly injected.

IV Glutathione Disadvantages

There are three primary disadvantages to raising glutathione levels by intraveneous infusions of glutathione.

The first is the glutathione cannot get inside the majority of cells from the blood stream, so it can’t make it to where it is needed most.  GSH is most important inside the cells, and futher inside the mitochondria which generate ATP energy for all cellular functions.  Elevated mitochondrial glutathione levels are important to detoxify toxins, neutralize the free radical inevitably produced by ATP production, and to protect the mitochondrial DNA, which is essential for healthy aging.  As a side note mtDNA is inherited entirely from the mothers side, hence it name as the ‘eve gene’.

Lipsomal glutathione is an oral form of glutathione which can survive the digestive tract, but has the same problem as IV of not being able to enter the cell.

One of the very few cell types which can absorb whole glutathione is the epithelial cells that line the lower respiratory tract, and have a protective screen of glutathione to protect against free radicals and the oxidant damage they cause.

The second disadvantage is the fact that is intraveneous administation, which requires either a trained professional to administer the therapy, or a person taking the required training so they can self-administor.  IV GSH typically comes in vials which are often 500mg or 600mg.  Some people have a phobia or adversion to needles so it’s not an easy routine to have regular injections.

The Cost Of Intravenous Glutathione

While the IV route is can be inconvenient, but for some just become a routine, the biggest limiting factor with this therapy is the cost. Each injection will cost at least $100, incuding the docotor appointment. One lady I talked with recently who had IV GSH a few years ago for mercury toxicity was paying over $200 per infusion. The effects of IV glutathione only lasts a few days, and with regular injections twice a week required to maintain the elevated plasma glutathione levels, the cost is prohibitive for the majority of people, running $500 to $1000 a month.

The Solution

Health practitioners who know about the power of glutathione and have successfully used IV GSH have longed for a simple, effective oral supplement which could significantly raise intra-cellular glutathione levels.  It took years and years of research by two highly accomplished medical researchers to crack the code of glutathione supplementation, of which neither solution contains actual whole glutathione, but instead the critical building blocks which each cell uses to synthesize more glutathione.

The first is a N-Aceytl-Cysteine (NAC) based solution developed by the late Dr Robert Keller called MaxGXL which in double blind placebo controlled studies showed on average a 273% increase in intra-cellular levels of glutathione after 60 days of use. NAC is commonly used in oral supplements to raise glutathione, but by itself it’s bioavailability was limited.

A world renowned medical chemists, Dr Herbert T. Nagasawa developed a compound, RiboCeine, which in government funded peer-reviewed over the last 25 years has been shown to be 300% more effective at raising cellular glutathione levels than NAC.

RiboCeine is available by itself in the product MaxONE and in a synergistic combination in Cellgevity.  Cellgevity contained a specially formulated blend of vitamins, minerals and plant extract specifically design to support the entire glutatione network and cellular defence systems.  A number of the plant extracts found in Cellgevtiy, from tumeric, brocolli seeds and grapes, have been shown to induce the Nrf2 singally pathways with induce phase II detox enzymes and the enzyme which performs the rate limiting steps of combining the cysteine and glutamine within the cell.

The best new is it’s much more cost effective than the intraveneous option, which could literally cost ten times per month more.  Not to mention by supplementing with the building blocks the body needs to synthesize it’s own glutathione, it increase intracellular GSH levels more, and in a much more convenient way.

Dr Don Colbert is an internationally recognized medical doctor and a best selling health author.  He’s seen tremendous results with intravenous glutatione, and used it succesfully in his practice.  He was very excited when he first discovered MaxGXL and now Cellgevity, because of the lifechanging his patients have experienced with it, and at a fraction of the cost of IV glutathione.

Dr Colbert is usually booked out months in advance, and is the personal doctor to a number of high profile celebreties.  You don’t have the join the long waitlist or pay the consultation fee to hear Dr Colbert’s very latest advice on supporting your glutathione levels.  Click on the video below to hear a short interview with Dr Don Colbert on his experiences with IV GSH and the latest glutatione products:

A 3 month supply of Cellgevity costs US$65 per month (plus local sales tax and shipping). Significantly cheaper, and much more effective at raising glutathione levels inside the cell where it is need the most (IV only raises blood levels) and eliminating the need for doctors appointment and needles, Cellgevity has become the preferred choice for supporting your gluathione levels.

Raise Your Glutathione With Cellgevity Here

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