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Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Inspiration | 0 comments

Jordan Adler on Commitment and Consistantcy

What does it take to make $8 million dollars in network marketing? Thats right, $8,000,000. Sponsoring in two new reps every week? What about one rep a week, or even just a rep every two week? The answer might surprise you…

If you’ve been in the industry for a while you may have heard of Jordan Adler, a legend and mentor to many. What often shocks people to hear after knowing how super successful he’s been is how he was in 11 companies prior to making fortune, where he didn’t sponsor in a single rep. Not one!

The average person would give up and quit, but average people get average results and live average lives. Jordan still had the fire in the belly and on the 12th company found a routine and rhythm, and managed to sponsor in on average just one new rep to his business a month. One a month!!

Over a few years that one a month grew and duplicated, and in the process generated himself millions in revenue. From one a month!

Do you think after the first year his income was significant? Probably not, but his mindset was to stay laser focused and consistent on promoting the system. And that my friends is one of the biggest factors in network marketing.

That fact is we live in a society with an addiction to quick fixes, easy options and fast gratification. Are you one of shortcut junkies or someone with a realistic view, and resolve to follow through to rise to the level of people who create real success, wealth and the lifestyle that affords? It takes time to work on yourself and your business, to create the success that will

Another Jordan, a Mr Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf Of Wall Street, had a great insight into success. He said it’s easier to get rich quick than it is slow, BUT first you need to master the 7 keys skills. It’s like a combination lock, once you crack each part of the code then BOOM! huge things happen. Which is just like Jordan Adler, he stuck with it, learnt what he need to do, and now he’s millions richer from it.

Now you can’t join that company Jordan made those millions in anymore, but there are other companies and teams you can plug into to start creating that. Recently the top distributor with our company retired and after 5 years in the business sold his position to an group headed up by the famous golfer and businessman Greg Norman for a multi-million dollar amount. This company is still in it’s infancy and the sky is the limit for people who join now and work it consistently.

We have the proven system in place you can promote the products and business which has attracted some very high profile athletes, doctors and business people, names you would instantly recognize.

So my question to you is, are you serious about making a change in your life?

Are you committed to consistently following a proven system to achieve that change?

Great! The next simple step to following through is putting your details into the form on the right so you can get the information you need make it happen and so we can start connecting and giving you our full support to make it happen.

Are you going to continue on the same path or change direction that one degree and come to a new place? The choice is yours and the time is now.

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