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Why Buy Leptin Supplements? – A Cheaper Option…

What Is Your Brain Listening To?

And Why Can’t It Hear The message?

Fat cells produce the powerful hormone leptin, a primary force instructing metabolism, weight loss, and hormone balance. Leptin communicates directly to your brain, telling the brain how much fat is in storage. It controls appetite, energy, and metabolic rate. Leptin problems are the primary reason for food cravings, overeating, faulty metabolism, the obsession with food, and heart disease.

Your Body Is Talking, Is Your Brain Listening?

The University of Minnesota picked up on a major scientific discovery back in 1994 by Jeffrey Friedman at Rockefeller University regarding a fat hormone called Leptin.

It was discovered that leptin sends messages to the brain related to appetite and fat storage. Excessive leptin levels create a resistance so the brain sends the erroneous message to eat more food, store fat in the cells, and not release stored fat from the cells.

The more fat we have the more Leptin we have, creating an unending cycle.

Leptin, which is produced by fat cells, sends THE MESSAGE to the brain, telling it whether enough fat is stored in the body and if it’s time to stop eating . Adiponectin similarly sends a message that impact satiety as well as the retention of lean muscle mass. As the human body has evolved though, these hormones have stopped working properly. For most people, this manifests itself in Leptin, et al sending a continuous, yet erroneous message to the brain indicating, you’re hungry, keep eating, and store more fat. It is this dysfunctional and perilous message that results in the body hoarding away even more fat than is necessary. Simply put, the failure of Leptin and its message is sabotaging people’s best efforts at weight loss.

MaxWLX lowers leptin levels so the fullness message can get through again and your body gets ‘The Message’ to burn fat.

The natural polysaccharides and fatty acids found in MaxWLX were tested in an 8-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study at the University Of Connecticut. In this study, leptin levels in the MaxWLX group dropped 22.35% more than the diet and exercise only control group did.

And this leptin drop lead to even more stunning results!

Participants at the University of Connecticut Clinical Trial:
Lost 21.5 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks
Lost 3.96 inches off their waist
Lost 3.28 inches off their hips
Lost 1.2 inches off each thigh
Had a 90 percent greater fat loss than the diet and exercise alone group!

MaxWLX: the science-based, patented weight loss supplement that successfully targets body fat! Clinical results show an average fat loss of 21.5 pounds in just 8 weeks!

(Clinical trials conducted by the University of Connecticut, Human Performance Laboratory)

MaxWLX helps your body utilize the body’s natural leptin mechanism for a weight loss you can achieve and maintain.

Now you can loose weight and keep it off. Are you ready to succeed?

Click to find out how to optimize your leptin levels through diet and shed pounds at any age

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