Looking for the natural edge in your sport? Thousands of supplements exist on the market promising higher performance, but the question is do they deliver?

The clinical studies for MaxGXL show dramatic increases in intracellular glutathione, which is of great interest to athletes. Research shows glutathione, the master antioxidant in the body, is essential for increased energy production, focus, stamina and recovery after intense exercise. Glutathione transports amino acids into your cells where protein biosynthesis takes place. Glutathione reduces hemoglobin enabling it to accept oxygen and carry it to the cells. MaxGXL has also been clinically shown to significantly reduce cellular inflammation which aids with recovery.

Why dabble with banned substances and other unnatural performance enhancing drugs when an effective, natural and safe alternative exists with MaxGXL. The clinical trials demonstrated an average increase of DHEA levels by 46% and IGF-1 of 40.8% in 60 days of usage. IGF-1 is a marker of the levels of human growth hormone. All from a natural supplement!

As an NSF Certified for Sport™ product, MaxGXL® Sport delivers everything you love about original MaxGXL, giving high-level and even professional athletes peace-of-mind that they can safely enjoy our breakthrough product. And at the same price of regular MaxGXL!

  • Iron-clad assurance that it is free of any and all materials found on the banned substances list, as certified by the NSF. Product is tested for 130 banned metabolites.
  • The same certification used by Major League Baseball, the NFL, PGA, among others.
  • Compliance with the prohibitive substance lists from WADA, NCAA, and more.

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Watch what elite athletes have to say about their experiences with MaxGXL

Bill Gillespie, world champion weightlifter

“I’ve never been a big fan of supplements, they just never seem to work to be honest with you. And after you try one and you find that it does work you start to realise which ones really don’t work and this stuff its pretty incredible what its doing for me, I’m excited”

Matt Murski – Top Ex-Special Forces Cross-Fit Trainer

“We’re seeing a dramatic result with athletes who are taking Max versus those who aren’t.
It’s the only supplement type product that we endorse at all”

Jim Warren – World Class Athlete Trainer

Jim Warren trains top athletes across NBA, Baseball, NFL, Ski motocross, and more, specializing in speed and movement training.

Chadd Brown – All-Pro Linebacker

Chadd Brown was one of the longest playing linebackers, and lead the NFL in tackles and sacks one year.

“I wish I could have found this five or six years ago”

Former NFL quarterback Bruce Mathison

“I’ve seen from steriods to all kinds of drinks, from fruit drinks to pills, and nothing has ever made that big of a difference. I just turned 50 and I can’t tell you how good I feel. Taking this product makes me feel good, I like that probably the best part”

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers
Johnny Rodgers was named by sports illustrated and ESPN as the most influential and the greatest Heisman Trophy winner of all time

Art Sellinger

Art is a 2 times national long drive golf champion is recognized as an authority on power golf. He owns 3 businesses, the long driver competition, a golf shop, and a management company. Even with his busy schedule, and 120 days of the year traveling, Art saw so much in MaxGXL that he also took on the Max business.

Nancy Rose – Figure bodybuilder

“I was taking anywhere from nine to twelve different supplements in one day, and now I only take four, and Max is one of those four.”

Ron Brand – New York Yankees Scout

Dr. Maria Zanandrea – 3-time Olympian

Want to know what the only 4-time world heavy weight boxing champion says about MaxGXL? Contact us for the DVD.

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As a police officer for 10 years, Ernest Chang maintains a fit and active body. But fitness is also a personal interest: He competes in bodybuilding contests regularly and trains extensively. He began taking MaxGXL at his manager’s suggestion while training for the National Physique Committee’s Paradise Cup Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in 2007. “Within three to four days, I felt a difference,” he says. “I had a sustained energy level. I sleep better at night and need less sleep then before I started taking Max. My training-recuperation ability increased greatly. Not only did I recover faster from each workout, I also recovered faster between sets. The best way I can describe it is like my lungs felt supercharged. Other huge differences were my increased strength and my number of repetitions.”

The St. George Roadrunners, a minor league baseball team in St. George, Utah, have used MaxGXL since the team’s inception in early 2007. Sponsored by Max International associates Jay McGregor and Stephen Wade, the team as a whole has noticed a difference in their performance and recovery times since starting MaxGXL. Team Member Ryan Stephenson notes the difference in his life: “We play games almost every day, and my recovery time is awesome,” he says, “I wake-up feeling refreshed and ready to go.” Steven Wright, a fellow teammate, shares a similar view. “Once I started using MaxGXL, I noticed a change in my body’s recovery, ” he says. “My body has responded with great, fast and intense recovery, which enhances my performance.”
Like so many people who first hear of MaxGXL, I had my doubts about what it could do for me and how it would improve my life. I was approached by a good friend of mine named Gary. He told me he wanted to show me this new product that would improve my overall health and improve my physical performance. I was intrigued because I was thinking about competing in the World Police and Fire Games for Karate in British Columbia in 2009. I am a firefighter for the city of Mississauga, Ontario and for the past while I wanted to get back into competing. I hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I used to compete all the time but for the past ten years my focus went to other things. I never stopped running, stretching and lifting weights but as far as martial arts and competition, I was out of fighting shape. I knew that if I was going to do this, I needed all the help I could get. Gary explained the inner workings of Glutathione and MaxGXL. To say the least, I was interested. My third day on MaxGXL I had one of my best Karate classes to date. My cardio was limitless that night. The hour long class was actually not long enough! I could have gone for a second hour. It was then that I knew I had to keep taking this stuff. On April 12th, 2008 I came out of retirement having competed in my first local Karate tournament. I placed first in my division and second for Grand Champion. I owe a large part of this to MaxGXL. I look forward to future competitions, not only because I know my body is functioning as it should but also because I want to share my story and more importantly MaxGXL!

A 44-year-old extreme endurance athlete, Tom Jones knows the power of a quick recovery and routinely pushes his body past what many would consider normal physical limits. He completed 120 marathons in 120 days to raise money for charity, and on the final day ran the New York Marathon in less then four hours. Tom is also a two-time World Champion Thai Kickboxer. “Shortly after I started taking MaxGXL,” he says, “I started experiencing overall increased energy, quicker recovery time after training 5 to 7 hours a day and -most importantly for me- I have experienced little to no swelling in my hips, knees, back, elbows and shoulders after training sessions. I can now see myself being an extreme endurance athlete for years to come, thanks to MaxGXL.”

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