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Posted by on Sep 21, 2009 in Products | 0 comments

MaxWLX Reviews and Testimonials

Pamala Wilson – Redding, CA
“This is the easiest, most remarkable program I’ve ever experienced! In less than eight weeks, I lost 13 pounds of body fat. But the big thing for me is size and I lost two dress sizes—absolutely remarkable! I think the most important feeling I’m having right now is, I like myself, I literally like myself. This has been a blessing!”

Dan Worley – Charlotte, NC
“A few years ago, my dad had a quadruple bypass at the age of 48 when I was in my late twenties. I was working corporate America and I didn’t have time to exercise and go to the gym like I wanted to. So I started to put on some weight and my cholesterol level was 275 to 300. I knew that if I didn’t change some things, I was going to be in the same situation as my dad. A couple of months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to MaxWLX and in the first month I lost 30 pounds and my waist size went from a 33 to a 29. My cholesterol level dropped from 275 to below 200. Now, that lets me feel much better knowing that I may not go down the same path that my dad did. That makes me feel great!”

Debby Pruitt – Houston, TX
“I’ve struggled with weight loss issues all my life. A friend introduced me to MaxGXL. I got on the product and had no idea, but major changes happened to me physically. I began to do things that I hadn’t been able to do in a long, long time without discomfort. The next thing I knew, the new product, MaxWLX, was introduced to me. The first month or so that I was on the product, I saw a little bit of change in inches. The next month, I’m like WOW! Pretty amazing! Clothes that I was wearing were beginning to get loose. I’m just excited to know that there’s a new me inside here. So I can look better and feel wonderful. I look forward to a life-changing experience with the new product, MaxWLX.”

Gary M.D. – Faith, N.C.
The beauty of MaxWLX™ is it is something we can take to maintain weight loss and maintain our leptin levels over time that is perfectly safe, not like the pharmaceutical stimulants that can only be used for a short period of time. With patients, I’ve been able to place them on the product and have them lose anywhere from 18 to 20 pounds as a max . . . The average has been around 5 to 10 pounds over a couple months, which is a perfect way to lose weight because they’re doing it not only by changing their lifestyle but modifying their eating habits. They’re exercising and they’re doing the other things that they need to do along with it.

John Hutchinson – Lancaster, PA
At 61, I have been a ‘poster child’ for yo-yo dieting for decades! You name it, I tried it. I had topped the 300 mark and some ‘conditions of aging’ were beginning to show up, so, I decided it was time again to try to lose some weight. When Max WLX™ was released, my wife, Connie, and I were in the first group to receive it. So far I have lost 46 pounds and four pant sizes-most of it while using Max WLX. I have another 30 to 40 pounds to go. Connie has lost 27 pounds, 3 dress sizes and is within three pounds now of reaching her wellness goal. We have also found that Max N-Fuze™ and MaxGXL are remarkably synergistic in our weight and wellness management. As we continue with the Max WLX supplement, good eating choices and added activity, we feel so much better and the carb cravings have all but disappeared. Max has hit another home run with this weightloss system! Thank you Max! For anyone who wants to know, I enthusiastically recommend Max WLX to everyone!

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