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Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Scott Nagasawa Talks About The Development Of RiboCeine

In the 1980′s glutathione didn’t have the mindshare in the scientific community as it does today. Back then in the PubMed database there was half the number of journal articles talking about it compared to Vitamin C.

Now the tables have turned with searching for glutathione returning over 100,000 results, which is about double that of Vitamin C.

Dr Herbert Nagasawa was one of the earlier pioneers in glutathione chemistry and delivery. While working at the Veterans Administration medical center he was often dealing with war veterans who had become alcoholics and suffered from fatty alcohol liver and soon realized that those with low glutathione levels were more likely to progress to cirrhosis of the liver. This led to a life long mission to first create more effective intra-cellular cysteine delivery technology, and make it available for the world.

Here his son Scott Nagasawa, Pharm D, goes into detail of the background story to the RiboCeine research and development.

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