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Max Visible Solutions Skin Care

The cat is out of the bag with Steven Scott’s 3 year project of working on the next generation in skin care, Visible Solutions.  In Steven’s stellar career he had sold many millions of dollars of skin care products developed with formulators who included the president of the cosmetic chemists association.  The name Visible Solutions reflects the mind boggling speed in which users will see visual results with the products.  There’s very little hype about how advanced these formulations are, just a focus on real results, real quick.

With our market leading glutathione anti-aging products which work from the inside out, Max now has a leading product in the huge skin care market which works from the outside in.

Check out the amazing Visible Solutions testimonials here with before and after pictures!

“I spent 9 years in the cosmetic laser arena. I sold procedures that costs anywhere from $300 to $2000 per procedure.  With this Visible Solutions skin care line you are going to give people results in 1, 2 ,3 ,4 treatments, in one week and one month what they would pay thousands of dollars for these procedures, including micodrem abrasions and chemical peels. It’s profound.”
- Monica Dawson

“All I can tell you is the results I’ve experienced after 5 days of use are equivalent to $1000 in medical laser treatment. There is not another topical on the market, with or without a prescription, thats going to deliver these results.  But don’t take my word for it, seeing is beleiving.”
-Jeanee Jelsomeno

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