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Visible Solutions Reviews & Testimonials

Visible Solutions Reviews & Testimonials

The first reviews are in for the Visible Solutions anti-aging skin care line, and the unanimous consensus is it’s producing some fantastic results, with great improvements in skin tone and reductions in blemishes and wrinkles.

At then end of the day the product is about you seeing real results real fast so why not try it for yoursef?  In the meantime you can read the feeback from the following people who were luck enough to be some of the first users of Visible Solutions.

“After 9 years of selling cosmetic lasers and having family in the skin care business, I didn’t expect to see a major change in my skin on Visible Solutions.  But someone suggested I take a BEFORE picture and so I did.  After several weeks I could see the changes in my skin.  But last week I took my AFTER picture and was SHOCKED at the progress!  My skin looks and feels smoother, pore size reduced, pigment reduced and the redness has subsided.  All of that in just 30 days with Visible Solutions (with NONE of the pain or downtime that goes with laser procedures I have done in the past).  Just amazing!!!”                                                             
 - Monica D, 36 yrs

Visible Solutions™ has already made a huge difference for me. The usual facial bumps I have to deal with are gone and the redness is going away. My face is smoother, more hydrated and just overall feels great! I have also already noticed small lines and wrinkles fading and the overall color of my skin looks better!
Joallyn Cartwright

“My experience in the last 11 days has been nothing short of a WOW! The first day I used the full system, I was impressed and knew it would be all that I have heard about in the trials.

I have abused sun tanning in my 20s and 30s and I am paying for it now in my 40s. Before starting this product, my skin was dry, dull and my makeup was not equal when I put it on. After the first application, my skin was very soft, vibrant with a natural glow and even felt firmer.

After the first week I noticed my few aging spots lightening up, the lines on my upper lip are also diminishing and my skin is beautifully glowing. I have used quality name brands for many years and I had never seen what I have experienced with our new Visible Solutions.” —    Tammy Sellars-Gingras


“To say I was skeptical about the Visible Solutions Skin Care System is an understatement! The reason for this is that in the past I had been exposed to a couple different product lines that I did not end up using for very long due to various reasons—too complicated, time consuming, greasy etc. I was really in turmoil because Max’s nutritional products are so superior, and I was very concerned that the skin care would not measure up.

This was not just about the products working for us, but we are putting our reputations on the line. So, when we received the Visible Solutions products, I only did half of my face, so that I could REALLY tell if there was a difference, and to get a sense of how much time this was going to take. Understand, I don’t wear make-up and so for me to spend more time than just brushing my teeth and hair in the mornings is a big deal!  I have been told for years that I look younger than I am, so I was not really expecting to see any real difference in my face and was not too worried about putting it on only one side.

Each day I used the Youth Recovery Serum™, Eye Rescue™, and then either the Skin Brightening Mousse™ (hydrating cream during the day) or the Replenishing Cream™ (night cream). I would only use the One Minute Wonder™ every third day (even though it could be used more often).

On the fifth day of using the products, we had an in-home meeting and that night Max Corporate announced Visible Solutions…what an exciting day! We finally got to share the product with our Associates! Before the conference call was over, with only 13 Associates in attendance, 30 Visible Solutions kits were sold! Then we surprised everyone by having a sample on hand, for everyone to try. The One Minute Wonder was a hit! People could see a difference in less than two minutes! All we did was sample a little on the back of everyone’s hand. The very next morning, another 20 kits were sold! You see, at that meeting, there were VISIBLE results just from sampling One Minute Wonder!!

One of the fellows who sampled the product was so excited the next morning his enthusiasm caused a Facebook contact to purchase the product immediately.

Earlier I mentioned that I did not expect to see any real difference in my face, but what I did not mention was how the Visible Solutions feels! It is AMAZING! Both facial product lines we were exposed to in the past, just didn’t compare to the SIMPLICITY and the FEEL of the Visible Solutions.

I began this saying that I was very skeptical and only used it on one side of my face….but after only one week, I was applying it to both sides of my face and neck.  It just feels that great and the other side of my face was missing out! As I mentioned before, I get told that I don’t look my 44 years,..but now, because of the Max Visible Solutions products I have a way to continue looking young! Thanks Max!” —    Teresa Kramer


“From a man’s perspective it has been a bit hard to get on a regular morning and evenin regimen of use with the Visible Solutions. The first week or so was sporadic, at best. But even with “here and there use,” I began to see the results that have been promoted. This caused me to get more disciplined for the last few days and I can only think of one word: Astonishing!”  —    Steven Kent


“I love how my skin feels and looks. It seems to be a brighter me. I have noticed fine lines around my eyes getting smaller and overall feel that my skin tone is vastly improved.  My makeup goes on so much better and lasts longer. My favorite product is the Skin Brightening Mousse. I love how it feels and the smell! Clean and fresh. The dark circles under my eyes are getting lighter and less noticeable due to the amazing eye cream.

I was not a regular skin care user, just too busy. With Visible Solutions, I am impressed at how quick and easy the daily application is. I started with using the One Minute Wonder™ every day for the first week and now use it every third day. I am a skin-care user now!” —    Nancy Edland

There you have it, some impressive feedback about the product.  What if you could experience the same dramatic improvements in your appearance and reclaim some of your youth? Try Visible Solution today with the same 30-day money guarantee all Max products come with for your peace of mind.

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